Phasmophobia Randomizer & Challenges

Bored of the existing objectives and opportunities in Phasmophobia and you need some additional challenges? You are at the right place! I created this Phasmophobia Randomizer and Challenge generator for our friends to spice up our hunts. Together with some people of the community we added amazing features which should make your hunt a lot better!

You can also share your challenges or randomized missions with everybody. Each Phasmophobia Randomizer challenge generates a link which you can use to share with your friends, just like the lobby links you know from the game. The objectives are based on the available items and will always be 100% available. Happy ghost hunting everyone!

Do you have any feedback or want a feature to be added? Send me a message over at Discord Astinox#0428!

NEW! Use our ghost finder to improve your game experience. Select or deselect any evidences you found (or did not find) and quickly know who the ghost is. CLICK HERE.

Top 3 Challenges

Bleasdale Farmhouse Challenge #46 (3604 hunts) Bleasdale Farmhouse / 4 player(s) Play it!
Ridgeview Road House Challenge #49 (2196 hunts) Ridgeview Road House / 4 player(s) Play it!
Bleasdale Farmhouse Challenge #101 (1334 hunts) Bleasdale Farmhouse / 4 player(s) Play it!



Tanglewood Street House
Tanglewood Street House
Edgefield Street House
Edgefield Street House
Ridgeview Road House
Ridgeview Road House
Grafton Farmhouse
Grafton Farmhouse
Bleasdale Farmhouse
Bleasdale Farmhouse
Brownstone High School
Brownstone High School


EMF Reader
Photo Camera
UV Light
Video Camera
Spirit Box
Smudge Sticks
Strong Flashlight
Motion Sensor
Sound Sensor
Sanity Pills
Ghost Writing Book
Infrared Light Sensor
Parabolic Microphone
Head Mounted Camera

Objectives & Unlocks

Objectives are generated based on the available items. The resulting amount of objectives could differ from the selected one, as an objective might not be available because the item does not exist.
Bone unlock

First evidence unlock

Second evidence unlock